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Viking Apparel offers vintage Nordic sweaters as well as quality custom apparel and accessories to scholarly groups across the nation. Our vintage hand knitted Norwegian sweaters are unique works of art rarely reproduced again by a now economically wealthy Norwegian society.

Before the discovery of oil, Norway was a relatively poor country producing shipping, fishing, and people to the United States. Rural and elderly Norsk women knit their famous durable sweaters aimed at wealthy tourists as an important source of household income. Now Norway is one of the wealthiest countries of the world with national incomes and social programs to match. Unwilling to accept low wages few elders now knit modern sweaters that cost hundreds of dollars and their production has morphed into thinner machine produced apparel from third countries. Due to its long connections with Scandinavia and its areas of former American immigration, Viking Apparel searchers for durable, authentic, and lightly used hand made, vintage Norwegian sweaters produced during their golden age.

Second, our Scandinavian inspired clothing combines classic Ivy League styles with famous modern Nordic durability. Proudly display your group's logo on our range of great items — from polo shirts to ladies' scarves and watches to jewelry boxes, we have it all!

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With more than 45 years of retail experience, our founder is proud to offer superior quality products at reasonable prices. Using only the most reliable shipping services, we ensure that your orders arrive on time.


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